Have you ever wanted to walk away from life?

imagesI did; and in the process, I walked to new life.

Life almost never turns out the way we planned. Instead, everything depends on how we react to the twists and turns and surprises of the trail and the country road. I am now on a path I never imagined, and I hope the books I write along the way help you find peace on your own journey home.

Join me on my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, 2,176 miles stretching over 300 mountains from Georgia to Maine. Hiking Through, is filled with both funny and sad stories about this journey and the greater journey we call life.

After a grueling trek spanning the entire Appalachian Trail, Stutzman traded his hiking boots for a bicycle to pedal across our country! Riding through cold, heat, loneliness, and exhaustion, he traversed 5,000 miles, meeting people whose lives form the fabric of this nation.
Biking Across America remarkable glimpse of a noble yet humble America!

God not only hiked and biked with me, He had much to teach me along the way. My third book, a novel, weaves some of those lessons into the story of four characters on a journey home. The Wanderers is pure fiction—except for the solid truths of Scripture upon which you can stake your very life. The Wanderers is coming soon and will be available starting September 8, 2012.

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