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Leading other’s towards change, Hiking by faith, while Xperiencing the outdoors as a community, building relationships, and growing in faith.

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In a world where “community” is defined by the number of people we follow on social media, Hike By Faith is striving to make a change. We believe in healthy real-life community by gathering outdoor enthusiasts regardless of skill level into the outdoors for hiking and backpacking adventures.

a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

Lead – Our goal is to lead other’s towards change and make a difference within their own community.

Hike – Whether it’s our daily routines, careers, or taking an adventure into the backcountry our focus is on growing in our faith.

Xperience – the outdoors as a community and building relationships.

Dane Cramer

I recently went on a long-distant backpacking trip.  HBF Outdoors participated in a portion of the hike with me, but even after they left the trail, they continued their support. HBF Outdoors provided me with weather updates, regularly checked on my status, and coordinated shuttle service and overnight accommodations when I came off the trail for one night.  Without their support, this trip would have been much more difficult. Because of their constant support, I never felt like I was alone – even when I was walking by myself on the mountain.

“I never felt like I was alone”

With his amazing backpacking and primitive camping skills, he inspires everyone to come together, share their own unique skills, while enjoying nature as a team! He inspires everyone to be the best that they can be no matter if you have skills or not. The love of the outdoors is the best skill!
As we love our bold north, HBF Outdoors is the heart of Pennsylvania’s true outdoors. Thanks for loving nature and inspiring everyone to get outdoors Brian! – Eva Barahona; Hiking The North

HBF Outdoors is the heart of Pennsylvania’s true outdoors.

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